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GSP-TB Edition Control Box

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GSP-TB Edition Control Box


New bluetooth control box with long lasting battery and tilt stand for better viewing. Will stay awake for 30 minutes from last button pressed before going to sleep. Features a sleek golf ball pattern on the side and easy to see indicator light on the front.

Golf Simulator Control Box

The Golf Simulator Control Box is a must-have for commercial use. With its long-lasting battery and convenient features, it is designed to enhance your simulator golfing experience.

Long-Lasting Battery

Never worry about running out of power during your golf sessions. The Golf Simulator Control Box is equipped with a reliable, long-lasting battery that ensures uninterrupted playtime.

30-Minute Sleep Timer

Save energy and prolong the battery life with the built-in 30-minute sleep timer. After a period of inactivity, the control box will automatically enter sleep mode, conserving power until you’re ready to resume your game.

Tilted Stand for Easy Viewing

To further enhance your experience, the GSP-TB Golf Simulator Control Box comes with a tilted stand for easy viewing. This stand ensures that you have the perfect angle to see your simulator’s display without straining your neck.

Compatible with Top Golf Simulator Softwares

The GSP-TB Golf Simulator Control Box is designed to work seamlessly with the top golf simulator softwares on the market. Whether you prefer a specific software or want to explore different options, this control box will provide a smooth and reliable connection.

Upgrade your golf simulator setup with the GSP-TB Edition Golf Simulator Control Box. Its long-lasting battery, convenient features, and compatibility with top golf simulator softwares make it the perfect choice for commercial use.


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