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Set Up Your Control Box

Step #1 - Software Installation

Download and Install the Latest Roxor Golf Control Box Software. Below you will find the link to download the latest version of the software as well as a step-by-step video of how to download and install the software. 

Pin the software to your taskbar at the bottom of your screen for easy access. (This isn’t required, but will make locating the program easier for you.) Below is a short video showing the process.

Connect Your Box To The Software. There are 3 videos below showing you the difference in the process for Wired, Wireless, and Bluetooth Boxes. 

Wired Boxes

Wireless (Dongle)


Change the Control Box Image in the software to match your Control Box. (This isn’t required for everyone.) The Control Box image on the software should match the physical control box that you have. This makes setting up the box much easier. The video below will show you how to do this.

How to change presets and create custom functions in the Roxor Control Box Software. (This isn’t something that is required.) Usse the video below if you want to learn how to change a function or create a custom fuction.

Directions For TGC-2019 Users

Correct Order Of Operations For TGC-2019

Step #1:

Wireless Boxes: REMOVE USB Dongle From The Computer.
Wired Boxes: Turn Box To The OFF Position. “O” symble on the button will be in the Down Position.

Step #2: 

Wireless Boxes: Open TGC 2019 the way you normally would and wait until you get to the Main Menu before continuing to Step 3. (the screen where you see your profile character)
Wired Boxes: (Same as Wireless)

Step #3:

Wireless Boxes: Plug in your USB Dongle and then press (ENTER / DROP) button on your control box. This should connect the control box to your computer. A Solid light should appear in the top left hand corner of the control box.
Wired Boxes: Turn Box To The ON Position. “-” symble on the button will be in the Down Position (if your box has an on/off button.

Step #4:

Wireless Boxes: Hit the Win Key or Alt+Enter on your keyboard to access the Roxor Golf Software On your computer. Open the Roxor Golf Software and choose the TGC 2019 profile from the list on the left (if it isn’t selected)
Wired Boxes: (Same as Wireless)

Step #5:

Wireless Boxes: Minimize the Roxor Golf Software and go back to TGC-2019. (If you used Alt+Enter before, hit it again to go back to fun screen mode in TGC-2019
Wired Boxes: (Same as Wireless)