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Skytrak Launch Monitor Snapping Swivel is designed for both left and right handed players to play simulator golf with an accurate and repeatable setup. 


Most Skytrak users either have left handed players hit over the unit (which is extremely risky), or pick up and place the unit to the opposite side of their hitting mat. Doing this can result in the Skytrak being unlevel for one or both players. Unless the ground the unit is on is perfectly level, the unit would need to be leveled every shot when switching from right to left handed players. With this unit, you level it one time and it remains level forever!


This swivel is designed to fit the standard Skytrak FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) protective case. To attach, simply remove the adjustable feet from the FMJ, set FMJ on the swivel device and secure with the 3 provided screws.


Swivel comes with 4 adjustable rubber feet for anti-slipping and leveling. Swivel also comes with 1/4-20 threaded snap pin that snaps into locking position at 180 degrees apart.

Skytrak Swivel

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