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Golf Simulator PC Stand Build

So I'm working on my new Golf Simulator room and trying to do even the smallest tasks here and there to keep the process moving along.

This week I decided to use some scrap wood that I had laying around to build a new PC Stand to house my Tower, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.

I decided to build my own after looking on Amazon for my options to purchase this type of cart and quickly found them to be about $290 for one that looked nice and sturdy.

There were some available carts that seemed a little too skinny and flimsy for only around $105. You can check them out below.

I got the wood from 3 different locations.

1. I purchased a stack of 60 boards from guy on Facebook for $1 a board. This project only took 2 1/2 boards.

2. There are 2 small 2x4 pieces that came from a pallet.

3. I had a pine board left from a precious project over a year ago.

Other Items used that I had laying around:

  1. Coffee Colored Stain

  2. Glue

  3. Drywall screws

  4. Leveling feet (bought from Lowe's)

  5. Tv mount (bought from Amazon)

  6. Wood filler

  7. Clear Coat Spray Paint

First I built the base to have enough room to hold the PC tower.

Did I measure it? Nope.

I just guessed and screwed it in place with some random screws I had laying around from the bottom to hide the screws.

Next I just started screwing on supports to try and make the main post as sturdy as I could.

I didn't have any plans or design, I just put braces where I felt that I needed them. I also put glue on everything for a stronger bond.

I got the monitor mount from Amazon for under $7. See It Here (opens in new tab)

I used leveling feet instead of the wheels because I don't think my cart needs them. I don't see any reason why it would be moving it around. Those were under $4 See It Here (opens in new tab)

After I got it together, I put wood filler in my nail and screw holes and waited for them to dry and then gave them a good sanding.

I then took a leaf blower to the whole thing to remove any dust and debris. Worked very well.

Using an old rag I gave the entire thing an good rubdown of stain.

I honestly didn't sand a few spots well enough, because the stain didn't want to absorb. It's probably only me that would ever see it anyway.

Once it dried, I then gave it a coat of Clear Coat.

I had to drill 3 holes in the TV mount that I used because the mounting pole wasn't wide enough for the predrilled holes.

No Problem, so I drilled new holes.

That's it. All Done!

Saved me $274 and the stain will match the Bar and trim for my new sim room.

Finished images below.

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