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Build A Hitting Mat For Optishot.

Building a hitting mat or platform for your Optishot is very easy and only requires a few basic tools.

First I went to a cheap home goods store that sells carpet and remnants. I was able to get this 5x7 turf for $15.99.

Next, I made a cardboard template of the Optishot. Be sure to include the part on the side where the wire goes in.

I then stood over on the turf to get an idea how big I wanted my mat to be and where the optishot should be.

I layed out the 1/2 plywood on the ground and cut it to about 4'x5'. I then then added 2x3's around the edges and at the seams. You could use any boards, I just happen to have extra 2x3's laying around.

Using the cardboard template for the optishot, I cut out the rectangle where the sensor will set.

I used a 1/2" drill bit to drill 2 holes side by side where the usb cord runs to the sensor.

Using a staple gun I stapled a layer of thin carpet padding. This is required but gives the stance mat a little cushion. I then cut the excess along the edges.

I placed the turf over the platform and stapled it to the bottom while pulling it to keep it tight an smooth.

The optishot fit tight which was perfect for keeping it from moving.

The optishot can be brought to the correct height by adding a combination of padding, wood, and turf scraps under the optishot.

Be sure to get a control box for your optishot. CLICK HERE FOR THE OPTISHOT CONTROL BOX.

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